Pressure Drills & Mental Skills to Improve Scores in Competition

by JL Lewis on March 23, 2011

Whenever I have been in a hurry to sharpen up my golf game, practicing these three drills for several days in a row prior to a golf tournament produces good results.

The first exercise is to visualize perfect golf shots for 15 minutes each day. This will get you in the proper frame of mind to play your best golf and will improve the quality of the next two practice drills.

Since consistency is the key to success in golf take three minutes each day and practice your complete routine on each shot you practice. It will take some effort to go through your complete routine on every ball but you will be rewarded with better results under pressure.

The last drill is designed to improve your ability under pressure, which is essential for reaching your potential as a golfer. On the course, play two balls each hole. Select the worst shot of the two and play the next two balls from that worst shot position. Continue to play the worst shot each time through completion of each hole. This will simulate pressure and improve your ability to concentrate under stress.  Making pars on the “worst ball” drill is a good goal and if you can accomplish this you are ready for competition.

Try these drills before any upcoming golf tournament and your chances of success will improve.

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