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Back in Action! Golf Lessons and Events with J.L. Lewis at Mill Creek Country Club

November 18, 2014

The following article was published in the Southern Texas PGA Spotlight in  Texas Golf + Travel Magazine by Carl Mickelson this month. It gives a great update on J.L. Lewis’ life and happenings the past couple of years. Two-Time PGA TOUR Winner Lewis is Winning His Most Important Battle Every life has its highs and lows. [...]

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Great Golf Courses & Communities in Austin

January 16, 2014

There are many outstanding golf courses and golf communities in Austin and the surrounding area. Below you will find my top pick of golf courses and communities and a description of each. If you’re looking for a great place to live near a golf course, let this be your guide! Barton Creek Golf Resort is [...]

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Golf Lessons with PGA TOUR Champion J.L. Lewis

April 3, 2013
J.L. Lewis at the Allianz Championships

Sign up for Golf Lessons and Classes! J.L. Lewis is now teaching golf lessons and weekly golf classes in Austin, Texas! J.L. is a two-time PGA TOUR champion and teaches insider tips and fundamentals used for success during his 17 years on the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour. During lessons with J.L., you will be [...]

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Short Game Drills Series – Final Post

April 12, 2012

Over the last several weeks we have posted a new short game drill to help improve your golf game. The following two drills are the last in this Short Game Drills Series. COMPETITION DRILL: Compete on the putting green with other golfers to simulate pressure. Keep score and remember, the best way to become a [...]

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Short Game Drills Series- Post 7

March 22, 2012

This week’s drill: UNDERHANDED BALL TOSS DRILL:  Toss balls underhanded from different locations to learn the trajectory that is required to fly and land the ball to produce the correct amount of roll needed on each shot. See previous posts in the Short Game Drill Series by clicking the links below. Short Game Drills – [...]

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Short Game Drills Series – Post 2

February 15, 2012

Last week I posted three short game drills that can improve your golf game. Hopefully, you have had a chance to try them out and begin practicing these drills.  In review, PUTTING DRILL: LONG PUTTING PRACTICE:  Practice putting 40, 50, and 60-foot putts until you have made twenty putts from these distances. CHIPPING DRILL 3 [...]

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Breakfast of Champions

February 9, 2012

Eating a high Protein breakfast before competition can lead to feeling sluggish and tired on the golf course.  Conversely, a high carbohydrate breakfast can give you an immediate burst of energy, but it won’t last long.  J.L. prefers a meal with a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat which provides plenty of sustained energy to [...]

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Off-Season Golf Routine

November 27, 2011

It is easy to slip out of regular physical activity and the golf routine during the off-season and winter months.  Although it is natural for us to rest more in the cold months, it is also healthy for us to stay active. Exercise helps to cleanse the body, improve circulation, and increase mind-body coordination.  I recommend [...]

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The Passing of Seve Ballesteros

May 18, 2011

The great Severiano Ballesteros passed away recently and the world lost one of the greatest players ever. His love of competition and the game of golf was legendary among golf fans around the world. He was considered the greatest short game player by his peers and his ability to make the best score possible from [...]

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Pressure Drills & Mental Skills to Improve Scores in Competition

March 23, 2011

Whenever I have been in a hurry to sharpen up my golf game, practicing these three drills for several days in a row prior to a golf tournament produces good results. The first exercise is to visualize perfect golf shots for 15 minutes each day. This will get you in the proper frame of mind [...]

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