Maintaining a Healthy Diet that’s Right for You

by Sherry Lewis-Ramirez on February 25, 2011

Eating a healthy diet is generally the same for everyone, however, each person can personalize their diet specifically for them. By being observant and “in tune” with your body, you will notice that certain foods make you feel great while other foods don’t. To eat a diet that is right for you, it is important to notice how the food you eat makes you feel.

What is craved is not always what is healthiest. One might crave a cupcake, but after eating it they feel lethargic. What the body craves is not exactly what is best for it when there are food addictions. The body can be addicted to a food, for example, wheat or sugar, but at the same time can be harmed by those foods.

On the other hand, eating a salad may leave a feeling of being light and energetic. This is a good indication that this food is good for you. Additionally noticing how combinations of foods make the body feel can be beneficial.  When eating the right foods the body digests the food easily. If you are hungry, eat, but don’t snack just to be snacking.  Maintaining an optimum weight and weight loss, if needed, is very possible when eating a diet that makes your body feel healthy. Gravitate toward foods that make the body feel good after they have been eaten rather than focusing singly on the pleasure while eating creates a healthy habit of long term health and well being.

Counting Calories:

During the off-season, J.L. and Dawn Lewis implemented a calorie tracking program. Counting calories is one way to become more aware of what you are eating, and a possible way to lose weight. Simply writing down what you eat daily immediately brings more awareness to your diet, which will result in healthier eating. “I’ve noticed that some things that are healthy for my body have a lot of calories like salmon, nuts, and some fruits.  I don’t want to eliminate these healthy foods from my diet.” says Dawn Lewis.  “Since there are a set number of calories to use each day to stay at your optimum weight, I’ve found that when I’m faced with a decision about which food to eat in a meal to stay within my caloric balance I find it easier to choose the healthier foods and forgo the ones that are not.”

“And,” she continues, “If I really want that chocolate chip cookie, I make sure I add additional exercise to my routine that day so that my caloric intake is in the black and not in the red. Calorie counting is a lot like maintaining a balanced budget.  You can’t spend more than you make without negative consequences.  If you want to spend more, make more income or find a way to live within your means.  The body is the same.  If you eat more than your optimum caloric intake the body will gain weight or become ill, so eat less calories and/or exercise more to increase the number of calories available to stay balanced.”

When J.L. was asked what he thought of calorie counting, he said, “I think calorie counting is a great way to control or lose weight which is what most people need to do for their health. Many serious health problems are related to weight so counting calories could save many lives. Being alkaline is also important for preventing major health problems so adding alkalinity to counting calories should be a good method for great health. Throw in some exercise and you should be on your way to better health!”

Health is one of our most important assets as humans. Notice how you feel when you eat different foods, and choose to eat those foods that make you feel the best after you eat them. Eating a healthy diet that is right for you will allow you to perform at your optimal ability level, whether on the golf course or in any other situation in life.

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Maureen Mahoney March 25, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Dear Dawn and JL,

I like what you wrote about nutrition. As a health professioinal, REgistered Dietitinan, Licensed Nutritionist, I agree with your concepts of maintaining health, wellness and optimal weight. It’s a balancing act, often like other things in life. You may go out to a party and eat some unhealthy foods; but if you get back on track the next day you’re not going to suffer health consequences. Our bodies are so resiliant that it takes a long time for someone to become ill with diabetes or heart disease. It’s not just one trip to the fast food restaurant that did it!

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