Golf Exercise: Off Season Golf Routine

by JL Lewis on November 29, 2010

It is easy to slip out of regular physical activity and the golf routine during the off-season and winter months. Although it is natural for us to rest more in the cold months, it is also healthy for us to stay active.

Golf Exercise

Exercise helps to cleanse the body, improve circulation, and increase mind-body coordination. J.L. Lewis recommends having a regular workout program for golf consisting of:  stretching, cardio-vascular exercise, core strength training, and walking.

Do a cardiovascular workout to increase your heart rate for at least 15 minutes, working up to 45 minutes, four times a week. Core strengthening exercises should be practiced twice a week. Include upper body training which can be done with light weights or power bands. Also, include leg strengthening exercises such as wall squats or sprint drills twice a week.

Take time to walk the golf course during the off-season to keep the walking muscles in shape. When the golf season approaches, it is helpful to walk in your golf shoes at least nine holes a day. When the weather permits, get a carry bag and walk the golf course. Or, at least walk between shots whenever possible.

These tips should be helpful for staying in shape and in practice during the off-season of golf. Our body will tell us what it needs if we listen to it. If the body feels stiff one morning, then spend more time stretching. If your legs feel overly sore from wall-squats, then ease up on the leg-strengthening exercises some. Every individual person knows their body better than anyone else. Being in tune with the body and tending to its needs is critical to healthy, happy living and an improved golf game! Be sure to consult with your local trainer and/or physician for specific exercises designed for your level of fitness.

Mental Golf Routine

Though we may not physically play as much golf in the winter, we certainly can still practice with our minds. Visualizing hitting successful golf shots for 10 – 15 minutes a day will bring about amazing results. This mental exercise can be practiced during workouts each day, or whenever a spare moment is available. Listening to tapes with positive subliminal messages about golf can be helpful as well. Use tapes that have positive affirmations about the golf game; such as,” I am a great golfer,” and,” I play to the best of my ability.” Hearing positive affirmations, whether consciously or subliminally on a consistent basis will turn your desires into reality.

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