Golf Fundamentals and Balance – Importance of Ball Position

by JL Lewis on March 11, 2010

Golf Fundamentals and Balance – Ball Position

An important physical characteristic of the golf swing other than the fundamentals is balance.  Golf fundamentals and balance go hand in hand, and balance can tell you if your fundamentals are correct.

JL Lewis demonstrates Golf Fundamentals - Proper Ball Position

Grip is an important factor that may affect the fundamentals and balance.  To learn more about the grip read the first article in this series, Golf Fundamentals and Balance – Golf Grip Tips.

Importance of Golf Ball Position

Ball position is another important golf fundamental.  Incorrect ball position can cause many adverse consequences if the ball position is too far forward or back in the stance.  A ball too far forward can cause the shoulder alignment to be too far left at address which can lead to many swing errors including:

  • a reverse weight shift,
  • a back swing that is too steep,
  • a downswing that comes over the top,
  • high left misses,
  • high right slices,
  • fat shots, or
  • thin shots.

Ball position too far back in the stance can cause:

  • pushes to the right,
  • low ball flight,
  • a flat back swing, or
  • low hooks.

The next piece of this series is about how alignment and balance are connected.

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