Golf Fundamentals and Balance – Golf Grip Tips

by JL Lewis on March 8, 2010

Importance of Golf Fundamentals and Balance

An important physical characteristic of the golf swing other than the fundamentals is balance.  Golf fundamentals and balance go hand in hand, and balance can tell you if your fundamentals are correct.

PGA Golfer JL Lewis demonstrates golf grip tips.
Golf Grip Tips

If the grip is too strong, then there can be a tendency to have too much weight on the right side of the body.  The golf club could be closed on the back swing possibly causing a number of misses including:

  • low left shots,
  • hitting behind the ball,
  • topping the ball, or
  • weak right shots.

If the grip is too weak the tendency can be to have too much weight on the left side of the body at address which can cause the following misses:

  • weak right shots,
  • pulling the ball to the left of the target,
  • a high ball flight,
  • a reverse weight shift,
  • coming over the top on the downswing,
  • hitting severe hooks,
  • hitting slices, or
  • shanking the ball.

These misses demonstrate why the fundamentals and balance can be an important part of the golf swing.

Stay tuned for the next piece of this article about Golf Fundamentals and Balance – the importance of Ball Position!

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