Benefits of Golf Outings: Learning Behavioral Patterns through Golf

by JL Lewis on April 23, 2010

Golf Provides a Chance to Learn about Behavioral Patterns

Games are a great way to learn our tendencies and behavioral patterns. The game of golf is a perfect example of this. The challenges of the golf swing and the golf course can evoke all kinds of emotions. Remember a past round of golf or take a third party look at yourself the next time you play. Does a good shot elicit excitement, positive momentum and confidence? A non-optimal shot is an opportunity to learn and improve. Do you take advantage of these opportunities? How do you handle adversity? Golf can be a reflection of how one lives their lives. Do you count every stroke and play by the rules? Are you respectful of your playing partners? Are you conservative or aggressive in your choices on the golf course? Are you focused primarily on your own game or are you equally interested in your playing partners? A round of golf provides a great opportunity to observe your tendencies and to acknowledge the positives and make a game plan for self improvement. Golf outings are a great way to get to know clients or business associates and build rapport in a fun, neutral environment.

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