Golf Tips: Helpful Advice for Amateurs

by JL Lewis on May 4, 2010

Golf Tips for Amateur Golfers

Playing with amateurs on a regular basis, I have noticed most of the advice I give boils down to one thing.  Give a simple tip that gets them back on track. Following are several useful golf tips that have helped many amateur golfers over the years:

J.L. Lewis Golf Tips Ten Finger Grip

Ten Finger Grip

  • Practice with a ten finger grip to improve the chipping technique.
  • For golfers who come over the top on their down swing, practice hitting balls with a closed stance to improve the swing path.
  • Think of the golf swing as one continuous motion.  This will help to gradually accelerate club speed without any wasted motion during the downswing
  • To make contact with the ball, practice using a ½ to ¾ backswing and ½ to ¾ finish.  This will get the arms and body together and help to build confidence.
  • Putt like there is no ball there. This takes the anticipation out of the hit of the stroke and improves speed control.

These are a few golf tips from “Golf Tips from the Tour.” For more golf tips or to learn about the “Pocket Pro” edition of “Golf Tips from the Tour” visit

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