Best Golf Instruction Series: Know Yardages with Each Golf Club

by JL Lewis on February 9, 2010

Swing Tips – Producing a Consistent Golf Swing

J.L. Lewis helps son Cole Lewis produce a consistent golf swingBest Golf Instruction Series Part 2

To become a better golfer it is essential to consistently strike shots that travel exact distances.  There are several variables involved in this process including: golf equipment, golf swing techniques, different playing conditions, adrenaline under pressure, and knowing your capabilities on each day.

It’s important to be fitted with the proper golf equipment before being able to produce a consistent swing.  For more information, read the first article in this series, Best Golf Instruction: Know Yardages with Each Club – Be Fitted with the Proper Golf Equipment.

After deciding on golf equipment, make sure that your fundamentals are correct so that you can develop a consistent golf swing that produces the same speed on every shot.  Even top level golfers have problems with this and need to make adjustments.  This can be corrected by making adjustments to the basic fundamentals of the golf grip, ball position, stance, or posture, or a change during the golf swing.  Long hitters have more of a challenge because their mistakes are amplified due to their high swing speed.  A consistent golf swing can be achieved by knowing the pre-swing fundamentals and by finding a good teaching professional to clarify what adjustments and swing keys will help to produce a consistent swing.

For more useful golf tips visit  To find a good teaching professional in your area, contact your local PGA section.

The next article in the Best Golf Instruction Series: Know Yardages with Each Club, Golf Exercise – Learning Distance Control!

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