Golf Fundamentals and Balance – Summary

by JL Lewis on March 22, 2010

J.L. Lewis demonstrates the proper golf ball position.Importance of Golf Fundamentals and Balance

An important physical characteristic of the golf swing other than the fundamentals is balance.  Golf fundamentals and balance go hand in hand, and balance can tell you if your fundamentals are correct.

Golf Grip Tips

If the grip is too strong, then there can be a tendency to have too much weight on the right side of the body.  The golf club could be closed on the back swing possibly causing a number of misses including:

  • low left shots,
  • hitting behind the ball,
  • topping the ball, or
  • weak right shots.

If the grip is too weak the tendency can be to have too much weight on the left side of the body at address which can cause the following misses:

  • weak right shots,
  • pulling the ball to the left of the target,
  • a high ball flight,
  • a reverse weight shift,
  • coming over the top on the downswing,
  • hitting severe hooks,
  • hitting slices, or
  • shanking the ball.

These misses demonstrate why the fundamentals and balance are an important part of the golf swing.

Importance of Golf Ball Position

Ball position is another important golf fundamental.  Incorrect ball position can cause many adverse consequences if the ball position is too far forward or back in the stance.  A ball too far forward can cause the shoulder alignment to be too far left at address which can lead to many swing errors including:

  • a reverse weight shift,
  • a back swing that is too steep,
  • a downswing that comes over the top,
  • high left misses,
  • high right slices,
  • fat shots, or
  • thin shots.

Ball position too far back in the stance can cause:

  • pushes to the right,
  • low ball flight,
  • a flat back swing, or
  • low hooks.

Alignment is also connected to balance.  Being lined up to the right of the target can cause the following misses:

  • weight being too much on the toes at impact,
  • pull hooks,
  • pushes to the right,
  • an over the top swing path,
  • standing up during the downswing, or
  • losing the spine angle that was established at address.

Having the weight too much on the heels at address can cause these misses:

  • pushing the ball to the right,
  • topping the ball,
  • pulls to the left, or
  • loss of spine angle during the swing.

Posture is also connected to balance and having poor posture can cause the following misses:

  • a reverse weight shift on the back swing,
  • losing the triangle in the arms during the swing,
  • too swift of a back swing,
  • loss of distance because of slumping over and not having the same leverage during the swing,
  • fat shots,
  • thin shots, or
  • losing the spine angle during the swing.
Stance is Connected to Golf Fundamentals and Balance

Additionally, stance and balance are connected because a stance too wide can cause these errors:

  • lack of full shoulder turn,
  • restricted weight shift during the swing,
  • a swing plane that is too flat,
  • a low hooking ball flight, or
  • shanking the ball.

A stance that is too narrow can cause these misses:

  • a reverse weight shift,
  • a steep back swing,
  • fat shots,
  • thin shots,
  • low duck hooks,
  • high right shots,
  • loss of triangle in the arms during the swing, or
  • losing the spine angle that was established at address.

Proper execution of the fundamentals of grip, ball position, alignment, posture, and stance gives the player their best chance for good balance before and during the swing. A player with good balance almost always has a fundamentally sound set up and swing. To achieve good balance during the swing, practice and review all of the fundamentals on a regular basis. To have good fundamentals, work on being in perfect balance before and during the swing. Balance and fundamentals are co-dependent.

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