Improving the Golf Swing, Mental Game, and Short Game

by JL Lewis on January 4, 2010

In 1983 I asked our local professional if he thought I could make it on the PGA TOUR. His reply has stuck with me to this day. He said, “There is no way anyone else could ever answer that question for you. You have to believe in yourself and what you are capable of. What you achieve will be a reflection of your own thoughts.” This was great advice because it made me realize that the amount of effort, the intensity of my desire, the ability to overcome adversity, and the level of tolerance and perseverance needed to succeed are all controlled by my own self motivation.

Ability is a factor in being able to play any sport professionally. However, there are extremely talented athletes that never achieve their potential. On the PGA TOUR numerous players have done extremely well contrary to what many critics believed they would do.

PGA TOUR Player Personas:
There are many examples of players on the PGA TOUR who have created their own winning personas. Corey Pavin has had many PGA wins including a major championship during his career. He makes up for a lack of distance with gritty determination and an outstanding short game. Additionally, Corey has a tremendous desire to win and works nonstop on all parts of his game. Scott Verplank has been one of the most consistent money winners in the history of the PGA TOUR. His caddie once told me that on approach shots from inside 100 yards Scott rarely ends up with a putt of more than six feet. Since forty-three percent of all strokes are taken from inside 100 yards, mastering this aspect of the game, short game and chip shots, has led to his success. Many criticize Jim Furyk’s unorthodox golf swing; however, results are what matter. Jim has improved his golf swing to perfection which now produces consistently good shots and top finishes with regularity. Corey Pavin, Scott Verplank, and Jim Furyk have developed outstanding skills to go along with the work ethic needed to be successful on the PGA TOUR.

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