Putting Tips

by JL Lewis on May 12, 2010

Try out these golf putting tips to improve your golf game!

Golf Grip

J.L. Lewis Cross Handed Putting

Cross Handed Grip

Putting Cross Handed: For children and beginners a great putting tip is to begin putting cross handed and never change. This method is a very effective way to consistently achieve solid contact with the ball.

Putting Stroke

Grip Pressure: Focus on equal grip pressure in both hands the entire stroke. The amount of pressure should be a four on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being as hard as you can squeeze the club.

PuttingĀ  Tempo: To improve tempo in the putting stroke allow the arms and hands to free up and swing without restriction.

Putt through the Ball: Pretend there is no ball and make a stroke with no thought of the golf ball. Take a practice stroke and just let the ball get in the way.

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