Short Game Drills Series – Post 3

by JL Lewis on February 24, 2012

Last week I posted another short game drill that can improve your golf game. Hopefully, you have had a chance to try the drills out and begin practicing them.  In review,


LONG PUTTING PRACTICE:  Practice putting 40, 50, and 60-foot putts until you have made twenty putts from these distances.

RIGHT-HANDED PUTTING DRILL:  With a short putter, practice putting eight-footers with the right hand only until you make three in a row. This will improve your ability to get the ball on line.


3 WITH 3 CHIPPING DRILL:  Drop balls in different locations.  Chip with a 6-iron until three shots are holed out. Repeat this drill with an 8-iron and a pitching wedge.


DISTANCE CONTROL PITCHING DRILL:  Practice with a sand wedge and play the ball forward in the stance, then in the middle of the stance, then in the back of the stance.  This develops trajectory control which is essential for being able to fly the ball the correct distance in the air on pitch shots.

In addition to these drills here is a new practice drill to add to your short game practice routine.


TEN FINGER GRIP DRILL: Practice chipping with a 9-iron using a ten finger grip until holing at least one ball out. This grip will produce the proper motion of the hands, arms, and club to create better ball contact on chip shots.

With consistent practice you should be well on your way to lower scores. Feel free to share your wins or respond to this blog post with any questions you may have.

To read the last Short Game Drills blog post in this series, click here. Stay tuned for next week’s Short Game Drills blog post!

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